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Did you know that The Gift Trust can donate to both NZ and international causes on behalf of our donors? We understand that the causes our donors want to support are as varied and wide ranging as they are and so we want to make it easy to donate to your favourite charities, whether they are in NZ or far from home.

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Did you know that The Gift Trust can donate to both NZ and international causes on behalf of our donors? We understand that the causes our donors want to support are as varied and wide ranging as they are and so we want to make it easy to donate to your favourite charities, whether they are in NZ or far from home. 

There are some limits placed on how much we can give to international causes in any one year, to make sure we comply with NZ charitable law. But up to a quarter of our total donations can be given to international good causes, as long as they are legally charitable. The Gift Trust conducts additional checks on these charities before we make the donations to make sure they comply with NZ charitable standards. We are nearing the limit for international donations this year but get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss this option.

Here are some of the recent international donations we have made on behalf of donors….If you’d like to support some international causes yourself, please get in touch!



Gift Trust donors have donated $17,988 so far to Masks for All Malawi which is working to ensure every Malawian has access to a reusable facemask during the Covid-19 crisis. The charity are employing local Malawian sewers to create protective facemasks, not only ensuring Malawi is more protected against Covid-19 but also providing employment and income to the local community. 

Coalition for Rainforest Nations


A new Gift Trust account, the Carbon Critical Net-Zero Fund, has recently been set up by two Auckland-based colleagues and fathers who want to support organisations that are making maximum impact towards a carbon-free future. The fund recently donated $25,000  to the US based charity Coalition for Rainforest Nations. The organisation helps tropical governments, communities and peoples to responsibly manage their rainforests. Healthy rainforests protect against a changing climate, generate needed biodiversity and provide safe habitats. The Carbon Critical Net- Zero Fund is accepting donations into the fund from others who want to support climate change causes so if you’d like to donate click here.

Miracle Feet



With a mission to provide access to treatment of clubfoot for children worldwide. Two million children are growing up with this birth defect that can cause a lifetime of physical disability and the inability to walk, but can be treated for less than $500. The medical procedure is straightforward with a 95% success rate and inexpensively changes a life. Miracle Feet are supported by the Gift Trust donors Seed the Change, who have given over $7,000 to the charity so far.

Gautama Buddha Free School


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Provides free education to children in Bakraur, one of the poorest areas of India. The school aims to ensure children finish their primary education, no matter what their caste. Due to Covid-19 the school has been closed but founder Naresh Kumar has been continuing to make an impact in his community. Naresh has been able to help feed 20 local families with the recent donations from Gift Trust donor’s Seed the Change. Seed the Change Manager, Claire Newman, says “It’s hard to grasp just how far a little money can go.  A few hundred New Zealand dollars can make a world of difference to families in the Bakraur region.”

“The Gift Trust provides a personalised service for my plan to give, donate and support the causes that are important to me at a reasonable cost.”

— Gillian, Gift Trust donor

"The gift accounts offered by The Gift Trust are a good option for individuals or organisations wanting to consolidate their charitable giving. I encourage all financial advisers to consider this important development."

– Dr Rodger Spiller, Financial Adviser, Money Matters

“An area of importance to our clients is charitable giving. The Gift Trust offers an opportunity to streamline the gifting process, while adding increased confidence and transparency. It also provides robust due diligence of eligible charities and access to additional support services for clients with complex needs.”

— Philip Stevenson, Bloomsbury Associates. CEFEX Certified Investment Adviser

“We would like to recognise and offer thanks for the support we receive though The Gift Trust’s donation. An annual donation from one of your donors is one of the largest donations that Kaibosh receives each year and has been absolutely pivotal to our ability to operate with confidence and to expand our operation across the Hutt Valley. We are extremely thankful.”

— Matt Dagger, Kaibosh, Gift Trust grant recipient

“My gift account has made my giving easy. It lets me get straight to the fun and satisfying part of giving to the causes I care about, without the hassle.”

— Anake, Gift Trust donor

"The Gift Trust provides a flexible and robust structure, to support donors' charitable giving intentions, while still enabling them to have a say in the investment of donated funds."

– David Ireland, Partner, Dentons Kensington Swan

"A Gift Account with The Gift Trust is a great option as an alternative to setting up a charity or private foundation while still preserving clients' control over their giving."

– Steven Moe, Partner, Parry Field Lawyers

"The administration and ongoing compliance requirements involved in setting up a private charity can be onerous, and even risky. Setting up a Gift Account allows The Gift Trust to look after those requirements, and provide support that allows the donor to focus on what they really want to do with their gifts."

– Sue Barker, Sue Barker Charities Law

"The Gift Trust takes the guesswork out of giving. Having support with research and due diligence on donations ensures that funds are truly making the desired impact. It has been a real pleasure to work with The Gift Trust."

– Ben, Gift Account holder

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