The Gift Trust is for businesses

If your business wants to grow your brand through doing more good, we can help. We connect you to aligned causes through a personalised giving plan – so you can focus on core business. For most businesses, starting up a formal company foundation for your corporate giving is beyond reach and is too costly and time intensive. The Gift Trust provides businesses of any size with a cost-effective and meaningful solution to meet this need.

Case study: G. J. Gardner Manukau

Auckland-based construction company G.J. Gardner Manukau Major Projects have partnered with The Gift Trust to plan and manage their corporate charitable giving. We ran a workshop with their team to put together their giving strategy, which allowed us to identify the charitable organisations that were working in the areas they cared about. In the end they chose to support Garden to Table, which helps kids to grow, harvest, prepare, and share great food. Their Gift Account also matches donations staff make to charities, encouraging their team to spread their generosity.

Benefits for businesses

Connect with causes aligned to your brand

Bring your brand purpose to life through a custom giving plan that The Gift Trust can tailor to your company’s values.

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Free up valuable resources

We take care of all the mechanics and due diligence on your corporate giving so you can focus on core business.

Attract and engage staff

Charitable giving attracts talent aligned to your values. We can run workshops with your business on charitable giving, to engage your whole team.

Get tax credits now, but donate whenever

Receive all the tax benefits up front while you take your time to choose where to give.

Grow your funds responsibly and tax-free

We can grow your charitable funds through ethical and responsible investment options, tax-free.

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Low fees

As a lean non-profit, our fees are low and designed only to cover costs. Fees vary between 1% to 4% of your balance, depending on your needs. Much cheaper than setting up and staffing your own foundation.

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