The Gift Trust is for charities

“I’m a charity, can your donors fund us?”

The Gift Trust supports our donors to make funding decisions that fit their philanthropic vision. It is up to each donor to choose which charity to support but we can provide research and due diligence. We don’t accept unsolicited applications from charities, but proactively seek organisations that match our donor’s strategies. For alternate funding information and support, we recommend:


Strategic Grants

Our donors support many different charities every year, and we’ve built up really strong relationships with them. Here’s what some of our recipient charities say about us:

“Through The Gift Trust, Kaibosh Food Rescue has received nearly $200,000 to redistribute 326,000 meals to people who need it most.”

– Matt Dagger, Kaibosh Food Rescue

“Our experience has been amazing. The team at The Gift Trust have been warm, interested and helpful and we are forever grateful to our amazing donors whose support is making such a positive difference in the lives of profoundly disabled children.”

– Brain Injured Children Trust

Unregistered charities

Are you an unregistered charitable initiative looking for help with your admin? Find out more about Gift Collective, our charitable fundholding service.