The Gift Trust is for trusts

Thinking of setting up a private trust or family foundation? A Gift Account with The Gift Trust is an easier and more effective way of doing good in the ways you want to. You maintain control over your giving, but we take care of all the administration, including financial compliance, investments, reporting, and distributing gifts. We can even take over existing trusts or foundations, by transferring their assets to cost-effective Gift Accounts.

Case study: winding down Orientation Aotearoa

Orientation Aotearoa was a charitable trust that wanted to wind down, but still had funds remaining to distribute. Their trustees transferred their remaining assets to us, and we distributed them in line with the trustees’ wishes.

“It was such an ‘organic’ ending to Orientation Aotearoa and it prevented us ‘derailing’ over money questions, as to what should happen with this remaining financial resource. It was most helpful.”

– Doris, Trustee of Orientation Aotearoa