The Gift Trust is for advisers

We’re the trusted charitable partner of financial advisers, lawyers, and accountants who want to help their clients simplify and amplify their giving. Not only do we connect your clients with the charitable organisations that are doing the work they want to support, but we’re across the very latest in compliance and regulatory best practice, so you can be sure in your recommendations.

Here’s what you as an adviser can get out of working with The Gift Trust:

  • Build stronger and deeper relationships with your clients by discussing their giving
  • Develop a financial plan for your clients that harnesses the tax benefits of The Gift Trust
  • Keep charitable funds under adviser management and charge adviser fees
  • Free up your team’s resources by letting us take care of the mechanics of giving

Here’s what your clients can get out of working with The Gift Trust through you:

  • Have their charitable funds managed by you, their trusted adviser
  • Have their charitable funds invested, tax-free, and potentially grow so they can give more to charity
  • Connect with aligned charitable causes through our expert advice

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