Welcome to the donation site for Move92, powered by The Gift Trust.

Move92 has set up a fund with the NZ charity The Gift Trust so that NZ based donors can give tax deductible donations to support the charitable organisations recommended by Move92. 

The fund is run through our partners, The Gift Trust, a New Zealand registered charity and philanthropic trust that helps people wanting to make donations to charitable causes to do so more efficiently. Supporters who donate to the Move92 fund will receive a tax receipt from The Gift Trust which will let you claim a tax rebate, if you are eligible.  

When you donate into the fund you can specify which international charitable cause you want your donation to be given to. The Gift Trust will liaise with Move92 to confirm these causes in advance and conduct due diligence to ensure they are charitable. Once approved, The Gift Trust will then pay the donations to the charitable causes on your behalf.


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When you make a donation, your name, email and donation amount will be shared with Move92.