Feminista Fund

Feminista Fund supports projects in developing countries that empower, improve the lives of, and reduce inequality for women and girls.

Feminista Fund is administered on behalf of a private donor by The Gift Trust. You can either donate into the fund below or apply for funding if you are a group that meets our criteria.

Feminista Fund supports small and medium organisations that work in developing countries, are led or driven by local women in a true partnership, and target one or more of the following priorities:

  • Support the education and empowerment of girls and women
  • Improve gender rights for women, from grassroots to global levels
  • Support girls and women into leadership roles
  • Improve employment opportunities for women and girls
  • Improve the status or mana of women and girls
  • Prevent trafficking and slavery of women and girls

How the Fund operates

  • We proactively seek organisations to support and will not invite unsolicited applications
  • We aim for long term relationship building with the organisations we support and will ideally provide multi-year funding
  • We work on a high-trust model of philanthropy with low reporting requirements
  • We want to see impact-focused measurement and tangible outcomes of the projects we support
  • We have a strong values base and look for organisations with similar values (Empowerment, Leadership, Self-sufficiency, Fairness, Integrity, Ethics, Justice, Equity, Knowledge)

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When you make a donation, your name, email and donation amount will be shared with Feminista Fund.