The Edmund Hillary Fellowship, supported by the Hillary Institute of International Leadership

The Gift Trust, a New Zealand registered charity and philanthropic trust (charity registration number CC40774) is helping the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF), supported by the Hillary Institute, to receive international funding for their important work.

Edmund Hillary Fellows are delivering significant value for Aotearoa New Zealand’s innovation system and Kiwi businesses by founding new ventures, investing, connecting and bringing skills and mentoring. They are also supporting communities to tackle local issues and disrupting systems. 

A community of more than 500 innovators, entrepreneurs and investors, Fellows have created meaningful and ‘outsized’ impact in New Zealand. They believe in Aotearoa as a basecamp for a better world.

And there is much more to be done.

That’s why, EHF’s goal is to Amplify the Collective Impact of the Fellowship.

After seven years of attracting, selecting, welcoming and supporting Fellows into Aotearoa New Zealand, the EHF Team’s focus is now on activating the Fellowship to unlock the potential for collective impact.

Your donation will help provide Fellows with the systemised support required to enable collective impact, including:

  • Platform, tools & resources to connect and collaborate
  • Purpose communities around pressing issues
  • Curated events to convene for action
  • Strategic partnerships opportunities
  • The Mission Studio pilot: where we convene, mobilise and connect Fellows and New Zealand leaders to drive systems change, beginning with climate. 

Can you help Amplify the Impact of the Fellowship?

Who we are

The Edmund Hillary Fellowship (NZ Charity #CC38369) is a community of more than 500 innovators and entrepreneurs, focussed on partnering with Aotearoa NZ to find and build solutions to the world’s toughest challenges. Our vision is that Aotearoa NZ inspires global leadership and solutions for future generations, anchored in the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi (The Treaty of Waitangi).

It is a subsidiary of the Hillary Institute for International Leadership (NZ Charity #CC38369) whose purpose is to recognise, reward, and nurture transformative leaders as Hillary Laureates who are making outstanding contributions towards humanity’s most pressing challenges. Today there are 11 extraordinary Hillary Laureates, such as Johan Rockström, Vanessa Nakate, Christiana Figueres, and Aimée Christiansen, who are globally-recognised systems architects and influencers.

Giving options

The Gift Trust can receive tax deductible donations from US tax residents, tagged for the Edmund Hillary Fellowship and/or the Hillary Institute. The Gift Trust receives US donations via our partnership with the US donor-advised RSF Social Finance. The account is called ‘Friends of the Gift Trust NZ’. Any donations to it will receive a US tax receipt and will be eligible for US tax benefits. Donations can be made in cash, shares, or securities.

For administration reasons, the minimum donation that donors can give is US$1,000.

Donation by credit/debit card

Select ‘Friends of the Gift Trust’ from the drop-down menu, and note in the ‘Additional Information’ field that you’d like your donation to go to the Edmund Hillary Fellowship.

Donate via credit card

Donation by wire transfer or stock gift

To donate by wire transfer or stock gift, please fill out RSF’s Contribution Transmittal Form, then simply instruct your bank or broker to make your transfer to the relevant account listed on the form. (Under ‘Fund Name’, enter ‘Friends of The Gift Trust NZ, to benefit EHF’.) Filling out the form will ensure that your gift is received and receipted correctly.

Donate via wire transfer / stock gift

Please note your name, email, and donation amount will be shared with the Edmund Hillary Fellowship or Hillary Institute.